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Open Food Facts

Open Food Facts


君が何を食べているのかを教えてくれたら、君がどんな人間かがわかる Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin - 1825





Open Food Facts is a database of food products with ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts and all the tidbits of information we can find on product labels.

Made by everyone - Crowdsourcing

Made by everyone

Open Food Facts は非営利のボランティア団体です。

私たちの Android,iPhone またはWindowsフォンアプリを使って、自宅や地元の店舗で製品のバーコードを簡単にスキャンして、そのラベルの写真をアップロードしてください。

For everyone - Open data

For everyone

食品に関するデータは公共の利益であり、公開されるべきです。 The complete database is published as open data and can be reused by anyone and for any use. Check-out the cool reuses or make your own!


Knowledge is power. Knowledge is power.

  • Decode labels

    Decode labels

    食品添加物 E番号, アレルゲン, 包装コード... Open Food Facts helps you to make sense of the fine print on products labels.



  • Find products

    Find products

    Our search form includes dozens of criteria so that you can find products that match your criteria.

  • Compare products

    Compare and change

    脂肪と糖分が少ない朝食用シリアルをご存知ですか? In 3 clicks you can create an interactive graph to show it. So you can change for healthier cereals, and by comparing products from different brands, you encourage producers to make them better.

  • フェアトレード商品の原材料の原産地

    Explore and discover

    食べ物に興味がありますか? Explore products by facets like brands, categories, labels, origins of ingredients etc. Facets can be combined to discover new insights, for instance to map the origins of ingredients that bear a fair trade label.


Our data can be reused for education, new products and services, research and more!

Open Food Facts データベースは、オープンデータベースライセンスに基づいて公開されているオープンデータです。 Anyone can use it for any purpose - commercial or non-commercial - provided the source of the data is attributed and improvements to the database are shared in a similar way.


今までに何本の食品CMを見たことがありますか? Open data can help to see the facts under the marketing.



あなたの料理に含まれる角砂糖の相当量を推測できますか? あなたの料理に含まれる角砂糖の相当量を推測できますか?

Products and services

Open Food Facts data can be reused in both non-commercial and commercial projects, as long as improvements to the database are shared as well.

Made Near Me

Made Near Me

食べ物の産地を知って、 Made Near Me! で地元の食べ物を食べましょう!


Open Food Facts データは さまざまな分野の科学者によって使用されています (栄養学、生物学、Linked Open Data...) And you don't need a PhD to take part in citizen science!



The French National Nutrition and Health Program uses Open Food Facts to validate the formula of its nutrition quality score and nutrition grades.

私たちのデータ をチェックして、あなたのデータを作成してください!